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Lectogic Joins Forces with Duracell Energy Platinum Partner

We are excited to share that Lectogic has now achieved certification as a Duracell Energy Platinum partner! In this esteemed partnership, we affirm our dedication to delivering top-notch quality. By leveraging our team’s skills alongside Duracell’s advanced battery technology, we guarantee dependable and eco-friendly energy solutions for your household. Let’s work together to drive towards a more sustainable future!

Why Duracell Energy Platinum?

  • Maximize Your Energy Cost Savings with Our Platinum membership which empowers you to automate energy charging, storage, and consumption. Say goodbye to unnecessary expenses!
  • Hassle-Free Management and seamlessly integrate with time-of-use tariffs, ensuring you always get the best rates.
  • Cleanest EV Charging which charges your electric vehicle from the grid, battery, or solar sources. Go green without compromise.
  • Long-Lasting Trustworthy Power of Duracell’s legacy with reliable batteries extends to our energy solutions. Trust us to keep your home powered efficiently.

Take Control Of Your Energy

    Solar Panels

    Planning, Installation and Maintenance

    Solar Energy Battery Storage

    inc. Tesla Powerwall Batteries

    Turn your Roof into an economic asset

    Cut electricity costs with the self consumption solution from LECTOGIC

    Who We Are

    Design, supply & installation of Solar Panel Systems

    Lectogic aims to provide businesses with high quality, energy saving solutions without any radical increase in costs.

    Provide home owners with high quality, sustainable living solutions without any radical increase in costs.

    Installation and support for solar panel systems – on your roof residential or commercial.

    Massive savings

    Invest in your business for an energy efficient future

    Rising energy costs are a major drain on business budgets, and yet the modern workplace with its computers, monitors, printers, lighting, heating and cooling systems consumes more energy than ever. You can turn back the tide of higher energy costs and expenditure by adopting smart energy measures into your business. Lectogic can help your business consume less energy and save money whilst also helping you to meet your carbon reduction commitment.

    We have highlighted here a range of ideas for you to consume less energy and save money. Many of these energy saving devices are suitable for all businesses, from factory units to modern office environments. We can advise on the suitability for your business and provide you with bespoke solutions.

    Little steps make a big difference. You do not have to change your behaviour and immerse your business totally in a renewable energy programme. Every little helps. Installing light sensors that turn lights off in unoccupied rooms, or a voltage optimisation system that reduces your electricity use, will not require any structural work but you will notice a difference to your company’s electricity bill.

    We can advise you on costs and savings with no obligation. Give us a ring today and start saving money tomorrow.

    Our Services

    Solar PV Panels

    Convert the power of the sun into
    clean, green energy. Panels generate power even when cloudy – feed power back into the grid for extra savings or store it for later use.

    Slimline Infrared Heaters

    A major advantage of infrared heating systems is that they save large amounts of energy. Maintenance-free operation – a new and big advance in low energy heating.

    Vehice Charging Systems

    With the number of electric/ hybrid cars on UK roads set to soar we have easy and efficient solutions to charge your company and staff vehicles.

    Infrared Power Heaters

    Infrared is up to 70% more efficient than oil or gas alternatives. Silent operation and without fumes, they are ideal for warehouses or workshops.

    Voltage Optimization Systems

    All appliances in the UK must, and will, run at 220V (EU Law). Reducing the supply voltage into your property will reduce the amount of electricity you use and in turn save you money.

    Wireless Smart Light Control

    Occupancy sensors turn lights on when a space is occupied and off when it is vacant. Daylight sensors adjust the light so that energy is not wasted.
    we cover

    Service Area

    New installations and support covering all of the South West including:
    South Wales, Gloucestershire and Bristol

    Our Projects

    Our Recent Work

    Clydach Social Housing Solar Project

    PV Installation

    Solar Panel Installation

    Solar Power Installation

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    Our Happy Customers

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    David PennellDavid Pennell
    12:56 11 Jul 24
    Having a problem with my inverter and connection to it. This wasn't a problem for Lectogic, problem solved and my inverter is now working correctly all thanks to these guys.Thank you
    Kevin GeorgeKevin George
    18:13 03 Jun 24
    From start to finish Paul and his team are a professional company that you can rely on for your Solar & EV Installation. The after service continues with advice provided on any queries. Very reliable, clean and tidy would highly recommend to anyone.
    Steve PorrettaSteve Porretta
    18:57 30 May 24
    Great experience with Lectogic. Paul is very responsive and reliable. Things happened when he said they would so there’s no hassle. My system has worked without fault since installation in 2019. Highly recommended.
    Garry HayneGarry Hayne
    11:16 16 Jan 24
    Absolutely professional work done on our solar installation.Friendly and informative, before and after the work was done.Very highly recommended.
    Caroline BaldwinCaroline Baldwin
    10:11 16 Jan 24
    Installation quick & painless — but it's the aftercare that made a difference. We are solar newbies. Lectogic educated us on how to understand & make the most of the system. And they've been highly responsive & consistently supportive in the weeks that followed. Would recommend unreservedly.
    10:06 30 Apr 23
    Installed Solar PV and storage at my property. Visited initially to discuss requirements and then provided a comprehensive (and competitive) quote.Installation was quick and efficient, the installers were all helpful, friendly and polite (and went an extra few miles to fix a roof problem they discovered during installation (historical, nothing to do with Lectogic), which was greatly appreciated!). Follow up and support from office has been very good and now self generating lots of electricity. Highly recommended.
    Sick DoctorSick Doctor
    14:02 16 Dec 21
    08:23 01 Aug 19

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